What we do

The Belgian Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine Professionals (BeAPP) was established in 1972 and counts today up to 110 members. All of them are pharmaceutical medicine professionals working in or for the pharmaceutical industry.

BeAPP organises every year at least 4 – 5 expert meetings on various subjects of interest to its members.

Since 2017 BeAPP also organises a full day event specific for the Medical Affairs / Medical Science Liaison.

Our mission

The Belgian Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians’ main mission is to:

  • be and make its members ambassadors for the profession of Medical Affairs
  • lobby for professional and professionalization in Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • organize education
  • be an network for its members

Academic Achievements

Since the origin, BeAPP members strived to get Pharmaceutical Medicine (PM) officially recognized in Belgium.
These efforts led to:

  • the creation of Pharmed, a recognized educational program in PM (logo Pharmed with permission)
  • the creation of the Belgian College of Pharmaceutical Medicine (BCPM) in 2001, in conjunction with both Belgian Medicine Academia (Flemish and French speaking) and the Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Medicine
  • the introduction of an official request for recognition as specialist in “Pharmaceutical Medicine” in 2014.