The Board governs the Association.

Board members are elected for two years by the General Assembly by simple majority and are re-electable without limitation in the number of terms. Any individual having been an Effective Member for at least two consecutive years is eligible to the Board. The number of Board members is decided by the Ordinary General Assembly. The Board will elect its Officers: President, Vice-Presidents (2), General Secretary, and Treasurer. The Board may decide to co-opt Effective Members, Associated or Honorary members. The number of Co-opted Members may not exceed one third of the number of Effective Members serving in the Board. The Board meets not less than three times per year and at least half of the Effective Members must be in attendance for a session to reach a quorum.

The General Assembly meets once a year during May and has the following responsibilities:

  • Approving any modification of the bylaws ;
  • Nominating the members of the Board ;
  • Deciding upon the number of Board Members ;
  • Approving the annual financial status (the fiscal year runs from January 1 st till December 31 st ) ;
  • Approving the annual fee to be paid by the membership ;
  • Approving the dissolution of the Association.

At the General Assembly only Effective Members can vote. Any Effective Member may delegate a proxy to another Effective Member. Decisions are taken by simple majority of the Effective membership both present and represented.

An Extraordinary Assembly will be called upon decision of the Board or at the request of at least one third of the Effective membership.