The Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians in the UK, then called AMAPI and now known as BrAPP (British Association of Pharmaceutical Physicians), was founded in October 1957 and is the oldest association of Pharmaceutical Physicians. In 1972, this Association organised the International Meeting of Pharmaceutical Physicians (”International Meeting of Medical Advisers in the Pharmaceutical Industry”, IMMAPI : London 17-20 April 1972).

This meeting was an outstanding success, with 600 physicians participating from 36 countries. At the end of the meeting it was decided:

  1. to create an international association or federation;
  2. to organise a second meeting in Firenze in 1975;
  3. to create a Working Group in charge of preparing the bylaws of the future international Federation.

Belgium was represented at these events by Dr Herman Lahon who had been elected a member of the Working Group. At that time, few countries had any national association of medical advisors and the London meeting instigated their creation in many countries.

The first meeting between Belgian Medical Advisors was held in London immediately after the IMMAPI conference and the second one in Brussels on June 2 nd 1972 with the decision to create a separate and independent Belgian association being taken at this latter meeting.

A Founding Committee (Y. Baelde, J. Bertrand, H. Brems, E. de Roy A. Goossens, M. Herbaut, J. Hubert, H. Lahon, A. Lebrun, A. Lemmens, J. Moreau, A. Mullie) was given the task to draft the bylaws.

These bylaws were first approved by a General Assembly on 3 October 1972.

The name selected for the Association was “Association Belge des Médecins de l’Industrie Pharmaceutique” (ABEMIP) and “Belgische Vereniging van Artsen in de Farmaceutische Industrie” (BEVAFI).

In January 1973, ABEMIP/BEVAFI was composed of 43 members. Since then this number has been increasing continuously.

In 2000, the Board decided to rename the Association as the “Association Belge des Médecins Pharmaceutiques” (ABEMEP) and “Belgische Vereniging van Farmaceutische Artsen” (BEVEFA) in order to also give access to physicians dealing with Pharmaceutical Medicine but working outside of the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2014 the association opened up to non-MDs active in Pharmaceutical Medicine and became the “Belgian Association of Pharmaceutical Medicine Professionals”, this mainly in response to increased requests of e.g. MSLs and other non-MD pharmaceutical medicine professionals who feel attracted to the domains and topics BeAPP is covering.

The Association was chaired by the following Presidents:

  • Herman Lahon (1972 – 1978)
  • André Mullie (1978 – 1984)
  • Dominique Dubois (1984 – 1992)B
  • Bernadette Hendrickx (1992 – 1996)
  • Henri Pintens (1996 – 2002)
  • Monique Podoor (2002 – 2012)
  • Stefaan Vancayzeele (2012 – 2016)
  • Erik Present (2016 – )